Good Life Catering Lessons

The Good Life Catering and personal chef services
is now offering:
Private cooking classes with perks!! The more help you need, the better it gets!

Class Options

Classes are structured around your learning needs. Do you want to practice a variety of cooking or baking techniques, or do you want help preparing food for a party? Maybe you just want to have fun preparing a multi course meal to enjoy later in the evening? We can help with all of that.

One three hour in-home class $150.00 plus food

Two three hour classes

Two pastry classes

$400.00 plus food

One month ultimate
Two 2-hour classes per week Three pastry classes
Bonus** chef prepared 4 course dinner for two!!
$1000.00 plus food

***Split the ultimate package with friend for just $200 more, and enjoy a 4 course dinner for four!